wabmaster himself in Naperville


Communication Protocols

The way I see it

Here's the order of communication I find most helpful:

  1. Voice: when you need a response or answer right now. If you call me and it's pretty clear it's not something needing discussing right then, there's a good chance I won't pick up the next time you call (leave a message).
  2. Text: when you need a response pretty soon (within a few minutes). This one gets abused a lot ... particularly sharing images.
  3. Slack: when we need to interact on something where having a readily available history of what's discussed/shared and it's nothing that needs a response within an hour. Slack (or some other Slack-type app) is great for capturing conversations; it allows the user to interact with a number of other persons on Slack simultaneously making all of us more productive.
  4. eMail: when you want to just share something with me (cc me); when you need a response by end of day (put me on the TO line). I don't like eMail hell -- that's why this one is dead last. I attempt to cleanout my INBOX weekly if that gives you any hint about the priority here. Even given the disdain for eMail, it is preferred for sharing documents/images.

You're welcome to share your thoughts on this communication protocol order - take the Contact the wABmaster link below.